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Summer 2022

COZY Issue Four


COZY Summer 2022 is finally here! The arrival of this issue means we have celebrated all four seasons together as a COZY community. Enjoy summer art projects, an expanded food section, and vibrant nature walks. As always, we thank you for reading COZY.


In this Issue


  • Guided Nature Walks for Summer


  • Summer "Connect-the-Dots" String Craft

  • Summer Writing and Art Prompts


  • In Season Spring Foods

  • Strawberry and Lemon Sorbet

  • Oregano Snack Potatoes

  • Edible Flowers for Your Summer


  • Summer 2022 Book Recs

  • Summer 2022 Music Recs

  • Summer Ways to Play

COZY Summer 2022

COZY Issue Four

Read now!

The fourth issue of COZY is here! Read COZY Summer 2022 here on our website or live on our Issuu.

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