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Fall 2022

COZY Issue Five


COZY Fall 2022 is finally here! Our fifth issue means we're finally revisiting a season together. It's time to come back to autumn—back to apples and scarves and acorns. Find knitting patterns, recipes, and more in this issue of COZY magazine. 


In this Issue


  • Guided Nature Walks for Fall

  • Nature Art: Leaf Patterns


  • Fall Writing and Art Prompts

  • Harvest Infinity Scarf Knitting Pattern 

  • Campfire Infinity Scarf Knitting Pattern


  • New Food to Try this Fall

  • Recipe: Homemade Apple Jelly

  • Recipe: How to Make a Cozy Snack Board


  • Fall 2022 Book Recs

  • Fall 2022 Music Recs

  • Autumn Items to Collect

COZY Fall 2022

COZY Issue Five

Read now!

The fifth issue of COZY is here! Read COZY Fall 2022 here on our website or live on our Issuu.

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